Critical Thinking Through Writing CTW Consultant Request

To request funding for a CTW consultant to support a Critical Thinking through Writing course in the 2008-09 academic year, your request must meet all of the following conditions:

  1. Your course has been identified to the General Education Subcommittee as a CTW course for your major.
  2. Your course must exceed a 25:1 student teacher ratio


First name
Last name
Department (e.g. AAS, HIST, etc.)
Course Prefix & # Enrollment Semester #Sections
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Please provide us with information about the graduate students you would like to hire to work as CTW consultants for your major and consider the following information:

  1. CTW consultants must be able to attend a CTW consultant training session in August, for which they will receive $100 stipend in addition to the $2000 stipend they receive for working with the course.
  2. Please enter the names of as many consultants you think you might need for the 2008/2009 academic year.
  3. You may not receive funding for all of these consultants, and they may not all receive training this year, so please rank them according to your hiring preference.
  4. We will hire and train them in order of your ranking (first, second, and so on), so please be sure to provide rankings for them if you have a preference.


Consultant Name Consultant Email Program Ranking
If you do not have graduate students to work with your major, please identify a closely related field that you feel might have graduate students with content knowledge similar enough to your field of study that they would be able to assist your students with critical thinking in your field. We will use that information to help you make arrangements for CTW consultant support.
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