Critical Thinking Through Writing (CTW) Proposal Template

This template asks for information regarding your CTW major/program plan, as well as course proposals for your majors. The General Education Assessment Committee will review each plan and course proposal, including the syllabi, sample assignments or activities, and assessments such as rubrics or other means to track critical thinking through writing. We will then respond with formative feedback, and finally, approve the course for the QEP initiative of Critical Thinking through Writing (according to the Senate Proposal, passed last April, 2007). Please fill out all of the information requested in this template and click on the submit button at the end of the template.

If you have any questions about the information requested, contact Marti Singer at For questions regarding the template, contact George Pullman at Thank you.

Deadline for completed proposals One semester before you plan to offer the course OR January, 2009.

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